Need For Waves

Need For Waves

The game Need For Waves presents a breathtaking variety of cutter races

Need for waves is a nice action game where you can adrenaline your speed in different water channels running versus other opponents. A very easy game to download and play, in the main screen you will be able to start a race, options and settings, help, web, and other games. To navigate your cutter is very simple, all you need is your keyboard, arrows keys left and right will move the cutter both sides, up arrow key will accelerate the ship, down arrow key will brake, with the space bar, enter, or control you can fire a gun and escape will exit the game. You must take care with your opponent they will be stand in your way and you must consider that game runs against time and you must finish first to reach new levels. In your way you will find obstacles like garbage, fishes, and other boats, they will reduce speed, skid your cutter, or cause a crash. Don´t forget to trap some bonus point in your way they can help you with super engine, score points, a gun or life. This game will give a great experience racing a super high speed cutter.

Birgilio Rivera
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  • This game gives you a great alternative of action


  • Moves are too basic
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